The Pioneer Bicycle Trip to Kinglake

30th September 1883

Coffee stop

Bicycling‘, Evelyn Observer and South and East Bourke Record, Friday 5 October 1883, p.2.

On Sunday last, September 30th, Messrs. W.S. Haselton and Alf Joy of the Melbourne Bicycle Club, took a run from Melbourne to Kinglake. This, we believe, is the pioneer bicycle trip to the Mount. The following are the places called at and the time ; –

Left Melbourne at 6.30am, arrived at Heidelberg at 7.20;

Left Heidelberg at 8.20 arrived at Research, 9.38;

Left Research 9.48 arrived at Queenstown, 11.18. Thus doing the journey from Melbourne to Queenstown, a distance of 27 miles, in 3hrs 33m riding time; the stoppages taking 1hr 10m.

At 12.18 they made a start for Kinglake, arriving there at 2.15, and at Mr E. N. Staffs residence at 2.20 and stopped there 20 minutes;

Left Kinglake at 3.30 and arrived Queenstown at 4.45. After a short stay they made a start for Melbourne“.

Anyone wanting to commemorate this ride by Messrs. W.S. Haselton and Alf Joy of the Melbourne Bicycle Club?