130 Years Since the First Ride up to Kinglake


Hipster/cyclists (see above) from The Melbourne Bicycle Club did the first ever climb to KingLake by bike 130 years ago on September 30, 1883.

Some of us are doing a ride on Sunday from Melbourne to KL to commemorate that ride.

Starting in Melbourne at 6:30AM Sunday on September 29 at Carlton Gardens and then meeting up with others at the Research roundabout at 8:00AM going via Heidelberg. Then its off to Smiths Gully (Queenstown, which is between Smiths and St Andrews). From there up to Kinglake and back to Melbourne via Queenstown “after a short stay”.

Alain and a couple of others are also going to do the ride on Monday if you’re interested. He’ll be starting out in Eltham.

Read the article  from the Evelyn Observer and South and East Bourke Record here