In Search of the Blue Dog Donut Ride


The weather forecast was was anything but good with 8-11mm of rain forecast. There were a few texts advising that riders were pulling out. I rode out of the garage into a deluge of rain and within a few minutes I was soaked through. It was out and up to the Kangaroo Ground Memorial Tower and on to Wattle Glen to meet up with whoever might show. I was early and had time to wrap my hands around hot coffee.

Out of the teeming rain came another soaked through rider, Don Macrae. In he rolled. I wasn’t alone. Then Frank Zgoznik appeared, dry and fresh in his Rapha Cape, go British if you want a proper raincoat. George texted he was on the way and likewise Marty after fixing a flat on KG Road. Close to 8:40am there were 5 riders contemplating a wet’n wild morning.

The route was basically out from Wattle Glen to Nutfield via Wilson Road, then up Mine back to Church Road via Cottlesbridge. Riding the ridge across from Panton Hill passed the KG Store to Eltham College and down to Stony Creek Road back onto KG Road to Warrandyte. The final serious climb up Melbourne Hill Road till we hit Harris Gully and then the final dash for doughnuts and coffee via Stintons and Knees Road.

We announced to the staff that we had ridden through rain and hail to bring the sunshine to The Blue Dog Bar and we needed coffee and food.


The Blue Dog Ride was one of those special rides that you do every now and then that sticks in your brain as exceptional just because you did it. It was a Rider From Wherever You Are to Wherever You Want afterwards. We all split in different directions  to wherever.


George and me went down Husseys to Warrandyte and up to the high land at Kangaroo Ground where the sky promptly dumped on us.

A huge deluge and gusting wind arrived, a fitting end to a great morning in the GreenWEDGE.

Alex’s Starva

Don’s Starva

Frank’s Strava

George’s Strava

Marty’s Strava