Flight from Nepal

JeremyMany of you will know Jeremy King, he’s famous for his long range rides with a mountain at the end of them usually. I remember the Hells ride to Baw Baw a couple of years back. Most people were working out the best place to park and ride to the start. Not Jeremy. He rode from The Bay to the top of Baw Baw and back, I think it was about 320km from memory. He’s a GreenWEDGE Cycling legend! He always having adventures somewhere, South America. Lorne, whatever. I remember last year he rolled up to the start of Amy’s Gran Fondo with a bike with 2km on it. Qantas broke his Orbea the day before coming back from Brisbane, so he asked his wife if she could get him another bike so he could do the AGF in 2014….That’s Jeremy

Due to some good luck Yeshwant Thakur (the Indian Avlite Systems Indian Distributor) and I managed to get all of our business appointments completed during Friday so we had a few hours off during the Saturday to see some sights in Kathmandu before returning back to Delhi at 06:30 on Sunday morning. Yeshwant and I would later note the irony that during those business appointments we were pitching some emergency airport and heliport lighting systems to the Nepalese Minister for Aviation and Tourism. Jeremy King

I’ve uploaded Jeremy’s account of his escape from Nepal in the hours after the earthquake. He was there on business and intended to leave the very soon in any case.

Nepal Earthquake – A Shocking Expereince V3