2016 GreenWEDGE Cycling TT Results


The 2016 TT went really well, an overcast humid morning with a road that was a little moist from Smiths Gully to Hurstbridge. The numbers were a little down on last year but given it was a long weekend and the 3 Peaks was on it was well attended.

I got away early with Cyril and Johnny so we could organise the egg and bacon rolls when the main body of riders finished.

Mary Ann and Cyril’s daughters cooked up a storm and knocked out 20 or delicious rolls.

Alain got the best time narrowly beating Ben. Peter Jones seemed to get more PRs than anyone else and George manage to get “tacked” with a two inch nailing in the last few kms. Full Results here

A very enjoyable morning. See you next year. The results of all 6 editions of the TT can be found here

There will be a “Training Camp” coming up at the end of April. Stay tuned for details.

2016 GWC TT results.png

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