GWC Ride to Mr Turner’s Bakery



The August 2016 ride was out to Mr Turners Bakery in Mernda which was established in 1892 in the tiny township which has outgrown its original location and crossed the Whittlesea Road and turned into a massive housing estate. Mr Turner’s has lots of charm and appeal to coffee drinkers and those looking for something more substantial.

The GreenWEDGEes were just looking for coffee and a pie or sausage roll on a cold , wet day. We’d met up at Kangaroo Ground on a miserable morning and headed off for Arthurs Creek and Whittlesea before heading out in the direction of  Wallan. From there it was down the main road to Bridge Inn Road and into Mernda for our lunch on the road which was really necessary after a long ride in the cold and wet conditions.

The Bridge Inn Road leads onto Doctors Gully Road at Doreen where suburbia ends and the roads are quiet and safer to ride. It was back up to Kangaroo Ground via the Broad Gully, Wilson and Wattle Glen Roads.

It was an excellent day despite the weather and we all earn’t our award under Rule #9

Today’s riders were  Alex, Andrew,Marty and Julian.




2016 GreenWEDGE Cycling TT Results


The 2016 TT went really well, an overcast humid morning with a road that was a little moist from Smiths Gully to Hurstbridge. The numbers were a little down on last year but given it was a long weekend and the 3 Peaks was on it was well attended.

I got away early with Cyril and Johnny so we could organise the egg and bacon rolls when the main body of riders finished.

Mary Ann and Cyril’s daughters cooked up a storm and knocked out 20 or delicious rolls.

Alain got the best time narrowly beating Ben. Peter Jones seemed to get more PRs than anyone else and George manage to get “tacked” with a two inch nailing in the last few kms. Full Results here

A very enjoyable morning. See you next year. The results of all 6 editions of the TT can be found here

There will be a “Training Camp” coming up at the end of April. Stay tuned for details.

2016 GWC TT results.png

Time to Act on Cyclists Safety

Bike crash

Sorry to hit you with another post but this is really important for your safety on the road and it might save you being hit by a truck. The Victorian Government is looking at Victoria’s cycling strategy and developing a cycling action plan. This will assist in having legislation that requires a minimum 1 Metre separation between cyclists and other vehicles on Victorian roads made law. It follows its introduction South Australia and elsewhere.

Samantha Dunn MP from the Greens is championing our cause but it is time for cyclists to back her up with submissions. Go to this link for more information.

Enough is Enough Protest Ride

No Tacks

Enough is enough. Stand with us and help us stop the tacks on the Kew Boulevard.
This is one final appeal to everyone here to join us on Sunday in protest against the continuing tack attacks on the Kew Boulevard.
It is critically important that we turn up in numbers.
Our friends at Vic Police and Vic Roads, who are working incredibly hard for us, need to be able to relay to their minders that the cycling community is not happy that the tack attacks have continued for 22 months.
This protest will help them secure the resources they need to bring this matter to an end.

Hope to see you all next Sunday, MOvember 8, George

Date: Sunday, MOvember 8

Time: 10:00–12:00

Meet up at: Corner of Walmer Street and Kew Boulevard

A New Coffee Stop on the September Social Ride


The September ride from Warrrandyte went out to Yarra Glen via Wonga Park and back via the Eltham Yarra Glen Road. There were 9 of us. David, Chub, Marty, Andrew, Richard, Karl, Frank, Don and Alex who met up at Warrandyte Bakery and negotiated the moderately busy roads through the Yarra Valley vineyards. Frank was the lead man mostly taking the hills and then coming back for a couple of us who were behind.

We decided to stop at Watson’s Creek Antiques & Café which used hard to navigate through to the tables. Recently the antiques were moved out and placed opened up for easy access. The staff (or other customers) aren’t used to lycra and cleats getting about but I think they can be educated. The coffee was fine and those who got fruit toast seemed to really like it. The location is not at the top of a hill or somewhere where it seems a natural stopping place on a ride but on our 50km ride it was good.

The bunch split there and Frank and Karl headed up to Kinglake and about five of us went back through Warrandyte.

Watsons Creek Cafe

A good loop with the opportunity to do some extras. Dietmar just missed us at Warrandyte this morning. Thanks all for turning out. The next GreenWEDGE Cycling ride will be on October 18. Details to follow.

Flight from Nepal

JeremyMany of you will know Jeremy King, he’s famous for his long range rides with a mountain at the end of them usually. I remember the Hells ride to Baw Baw a couple of years back. Most people were working out the best place to park and ride to the start. Not Jeremy. He rode from The Bay to the top of Baw Baw and back, I think it was about 320km from memory. He’s a GreenWEDGE Cycling legend! He always having adventures somewhere, South America. Lorne, whatever. I remember last year he rolled up to the start of Amy’s Gran Fondo with a bike with 2km on it. Qantas broke his Orbea the day before coming back from Brisbane, so he asked his wife if she could get him another bike so he could do the AGF in 2014….That’s Jeremy

Due to some good luck Yeshwant Thakur (the Indian Avlite Systems Indian Distributor) and I managed to get all of our business appointments completed during Friday so we had a few hours off during the Saturday to see some sights in Kathmandu before returning back to Delhi at 06:30 on Sunday morning. Yeshwant and I would later note the irony that during those business appointments we were pitching some emergency airport and heliport lighting systems to the Nepalese Minister for Aviation and Tourism. Jeremy King

I’ve uploaded Jeremy’s account of his escape from Nepal in the hours after the earthquake. He was there on business and intended to leave the very soon in any case.

Nepal Earthquake – A Shocking Expereince V3

In Search of the Blue Dog Donut Ride


The weather forecast was was anything but good with 8-11mm of rain forecast. There were a few texts advising that riders were pulling out. I rode out of the garage into a deluge of rain and within a few minutes I was soaked through. It was out and up to the Kangaroo Ground Memorial Tower and on to Wattle Glen to meet up with whoever might show. I was early and had time to wrap my hands around hot coffee.

Out of the teeming rain came another soaked through rider, Don Macrae. In he rolled. I wasn’t alone. Then Frank Zgoznik appeared, dry and fresh in his Rapha Cape, go British if you want a proper raincoat. George texted he was on the way and likewise Marty after fixing a flat on KG Road. Close to 8:40am there were 5 riders contemplating a wet’n wild morning.

The route was basically out from Wattle Glen to Nutfield via Wilson Road, then up Mine back to Church Road via Cottlesbridge. Riding the ridge across from Panton Hill passed the KG Store to Eltham College and down to Stony Creek Road back onto KG Road to Warrandyte. The final serious climb up Melbourne Hill Road till we hit Harris Gully and then the final dash for doughnuts and coffee via Stintons and Knees Road.

We announced to the staff that we had ridden through rain and hail to bring the sunshine to The Blue Dog Bar and we needed coffee and food.


The Blue Dog Ride was one of those special rides that you do every now and then that sticks in your brain as exceptional just because you did it. It was a Rider From Wherever You Are to Wherever You Want afterwards. We all split in different directions  to wherever.


George and me went down Husseys to Warrandyte and up to the high land at Kangaroo Ground where the sky promptly dumped on us.

A huge deluge and gusting wind arrived, a fitting end to a great morning in the GreenWEDGE.

Alex’s Starva

Don’s Starva

Frank’s Strava

George’s Strava

Marty’s Strava