Ride Reports – Food

Lunch at Smiths Gully General Store on Sunday, August 18, 2013
GreenWEDGE Cycling at Lunch at the Smiths Gully General Store

GreenWEDGE Cycling at Lunch at the Smiths Gully General Store

Todays ride was tough with a bit of climbing but plenty of wind and as we went in a circle we’re sure we got a fair measure of headwind. That mean’t the riders were hungry! The ride started and finished at the Smiths Gully General Store (SGGS) and Viviane and her crew cooked up a storm in the short time at the store. We seated ourselves at a big table and swiped chairs from everywhere to seat the ten of us. Coffees, water and energy drinks galore.
I had the Gully Burger which was huge and way more than I needed but I was famished. Double servings of meat patties, bacon, cheese and egg sandwiched in a local baked roll. I skipped the roll and ate 3/4s of the huge bowl of chips. Not my usual food but I was hungry as………….
Alain discovered a salad that sated his vegan appetite and others tucked into vege burgers and meat pies from my observation. The SGGS is a really good cycling stop with plenty of seating, at the top of a climb and they also keep a supply of bike spares including tubes, gas canisters water bottles and more. Plus they have a floor pump and water for cyclists on tap. Its cheap too.
Lunch at BNS on May 26
This is A Boy Named Sue
One of the most important tasks in setting up a GreenWEDGE Cycling ride is organising lunch. You’ve got to have a fitting reward to look forward to after a good morning of climbing and rolling through the hills. It should be great food of course, and as it gets cooler we want somewhere cosy and welcoming. Our choice on this occasion was easy. We chose one of our favourite spots, A Boy Named Sue (or just ‘BNS’) in St. Andrews, where Earth and Steve cook up delicious wood-fired pizzas as well as serving up some seriously good coffee using Padre beans.
We rolled in with our carbon steeds a little earlier than planned and the place was bustling with other riders and locals. I was about to suggest we do a run up Kinglake, but thankfully the boys accommodated us in what we now like to call the GreenWEDGE club room. Within minutes our bike bottles were exchanged for a steady stream of cafe latte (and a few twists on the theme). Some left after coffee but we were joined by some of our partners including Mary Ann, Katrina, and my own Ophelia and Will (our youngest member at 20 months old). A classic BNS feast followed, featuring copious amounts of delicious pizza with cured salmon, zucchini and goats cheese, margherita, and deliciously wholesome pearl barley salad with fresh herbs from the garden and pomegranate. More coffees followed, while Will and I, OK mostly I, polished off one of the apple crumbles.
About 3hrs later we started to go our separate ways, some returned with the aid of their support vehicles and drivers while a few of rode home together, going up through Smiths Gully to Clintons Rd and then back up the Yarra Glen rd to the Kangaroo Ground Tennis Courts, our original rendezvous. The last few hundred metres of climbing was that bit harder after lunch, but boy was it worth it! We’re just lucky we weren’t doing the return from Healesville or anywhere further afield. Something to keep in mind for our June GreenWEDGE ride.

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